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Cara mengatasi error 41 dan tidak fllscreent pada Dirt Rally

okegamers2 - Halo para gamers barusan saya searching mengatasi error pada game Dirt Rally pas sekali ketemnya artikel nya sangat komplit hehe. Nah berikut yang sering terjadi erro pada Dirt Rally yaitu steam code error 41, tidak bisa full screen, tidak ada saranya dan lain - lain tinggal anda baca tulisa bahasa inggris dibawah ini jika tidak tahu artinya bisa comment di komentar heheh :

Cara mengatasi error 41 dan tidak fllscreent pada Dirt Rally

Cara mengatasi error 41 dan tidak fllscreent pada Dirt Rally

1. Steam Code Error 41

This error usually occurs after installing the game and it seems to be caused by the servers being too busy. You could try again later to start it and if it still does not work, you could put it and install it on your SSD if you have one on your hardware.

2. Grainy Graphics

This issue is usually popular with the games that are not finished yet. So all you can do is wait until more sophisticated Rally dirt and updated.

3. Full Screen has no effect

Fortunately, this is just a minor glitch. You can fix it by going to Options while being in a race and set to tires. Embrace change and then return to the Options and change to fill the screen.

4. Do not co-driver voice

To resolve this issue, you need to update the audio driver and be sure to turn your speakers up and compatible with the requirements of the game. If not, you have to wait for developers to make it compatible with a wide range of audio systems.

5. Steam servers are too busy to deal with your request to Raleigh dirt. Error code 53

Was to fix these crashes Rally dust by re-running the steam for several times, and if it still does not work, see if steam under the charge mode. If so, cancel and re-run the steam.

6. Unit custom control settings re

This usually happens if you use a wheel. Try to get out of the game by pressing the "Save and Exit" instead of using shortcuts such as ALT + F4.

7. Instant crash Rally soil

If the game began for one second and then crash, you have to go to the game folder (usually C: FilesSteamSteamAppscommondirt rally program) and select rally.exe dirt. Right click on it and go to the compatibility convert all decisions available. If this does not help, send dxdiags of steam.

8. delay from input / severely delayed

Again, check your system specifications. If you only meet the minimum requirements, while in the game, go to Options and set the graphics to Medium or Low. Also, it seems that users of Windows 8 experience this issue. If you are using Win 8, in an attempt to change your operating system or wait for developers to update the game.

9. Not working properly  Standard

Even if the camera leaves the beginning of the earlier car, still record your cursor. You only have to wait until the completion of the car with the camera. This imbalance will be cleared by the simple renovation is coming.

10. The game does not start

For this you can:

Update Drivers
Restart your computer
Re-install the game
Reinstall the game in another directory
Make sure there are no other programs running in the background in the Task Manager
Although there are some minor problems with the game, and most of the players think it's a good game, with realistic graphics are surprisingly vocal jaw-dropping effects. Found on most of the issues on Windows 8 users, but developers in the near future, the game will be updated to make it compatible with this operating system as well. If you are experiencing crashes Rally soil is not mentioned above or if you need any help with the game, feel free to ask in the comment section and we will try to help as much as possible for you.

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