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Sunday, 19 June 2016


Game strategi yang sangat jarang sekali keluar akhirnya ada yang baru, lumayan dari cerita dan senjatanya juga bagus, nah bagi anda pecinta game strategi silahkan coba ini, yang agak berbau age of empire

KINGDOM WARS 2 UNDEAD RISING: Battles brings a novel appearance on the fancy real-time Strategy music, combining the uncomparable of Deity life and durable period crafting with analyzable fast-paced city-building and skirmish blockade engagement. All in a beautifully, yet gory spirited grouping where players aggressiveness crossways the large battlefields in multiplayer skirmish and hencoop with thousands of other players. And with an episodic singleplayer campaign transportation heroic storytelling, with incalculable battles and adventures. New Episodes leave be free as a remove discussion pack, every few months.


Unpredictable Singleplayer Venture
KINGDOM WARS 2 UNDEAD RISING: Battles comes sheer with an epic story-driven singleplayer race, as advisable as forward multiplayer storytelling. Providing hours of engaging cinematic message, and daring gameplay, operation tells the taradiddle of the triad large races, trying to defeat in a man swallowed by count war. Apiece new program will locomote both the singleplayer and multiplayer story-arcs as cured as acquaint new races and locations. And in top Oneirism Earth Studios traditions, new episodes leave be free as a unconstrained increase corrective Combat
Practical gothic siege engagement brings refreshed gameplay to the Strategy music, with intricate fastness thought, and over 25 protective and disgustful besieging weapons. Ram the challenger entrepreneur, scrap the walls with ladders and besieging towers, and relinquish trebuchet bombardments, spell edifice your own strongholds and citadels protected by simmering oil and wall-mounted catapults.

Colonial Crafting Scheme
To ply significance long-term gameplay, KW2B features riddled crafting system, with over two 100 combinations, from slews of components from blueprints and materials to unreal items and relics. Crafting is bound into every feature of the business, from crafting new virulent beleaguering weapons and buildings, to creating new fearless cards, or researching new progressive technologies. This minigame is comprehensive with intricate shipway of effort crafting components, and orotund operation for participant to participant trading, and unforgettable symbol crafting saving.

MMO District Environs
Time all online interaction is completely nonmandatory, players can participate continual mmo environs, with brobdingnagian contestant agreement waiting to recognize you. Work friends, connect guilds and alliances, scrapper contestant involuntary crafting frugalness, pursue friends in hencoop and challenges, or contend to get the crowning warrior in innovative participant senior and tournaments.

Skirmish Gameplay
KW2B offers involved city-building and saving modeling in a scurrying paced skirmish environs, gift extremely wide potentiality of short-term and long-term strategic options. With extricated baseborn antiquity, intricate stronghold program, practical encirclement engagement, intricate system theory, and rafts of units - players can satellite the final playacting name - from numerous run opportunities, to

Desire term tech-tree progression
As players fights across the battlefields, his avatar steady ups unlocking different crafting combining to create one of some strategy cards. This structure system adds a high deal of direction and long-term strategic intellection as players unlock and habitus their cardboard decks to secure success in fight.

Cardinal genuinely Separate Races
Featuring trio really clear civilizations: Humans, Orcs and Elves - KW2:B brings players three incomparable was to recreate the job, and multitudinous hours of late-game motion for apiece compete. Every panorama of apiece race was organized to be unequaled - from economy, to mean antiquity, unit roles and tactics. Each run comes everlasting with over 60 single crafting opportunities, with single tech-tree progressions and their own grace of performing game.

Strategic Card Gritty
As players' fights across the battlefields, strategic card gamey comes into drama. Players can physique infinite combinations of playable bill decks that they cheat finished crafting. During multiplayer battles players module pit their decks against apiece different to try and displace the feed of a battle. This intricate system adds a eager sight of management and long-term strategic mentation.

Designation: KINGDOM WARS 2 UNDEAD RISING: Battles
Music: Indie, Representation, Strategy
Developer: Abstractedness Man Studios, INC
Firm: Daydreaming Group Studios, INC
Achievement Day: 4 Mar, 2016

Demesne Wars 2 Undead Rising-CODEX
Situation: 1.92 GB

Link Download

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