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Beberapa Masalah Crash dan Problem Game PC GTA 4

Kumpulan Troubleshooting GTA IV PC

Daripada dijawab ulang2 mendingan dijawab langsung semua biar puoll 

Q: Menta link Patch GTA IV...
A: Patch Udah ada di atas ^

krack lama menyebabkan gangguan pada siaran televisi dan browsing internet di warnet, harus pake krack baru. 

Q: Komputer gw bisa maenin GTA IV ga ya?
A: Kalo kebanyakan komponen lulus Min. Requirement seharusnya bisa meskipun pastinya lag.
Spoiler for "GTA IV PC Requirements"
Minimum System Requirements
* Operating System: Windows Vista Service Pack 1 OR Windows XP Service Pack 3
* Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8Ghz or AMD Athlon X2 64 2.4GHz
* Memory/RAM: 1.5GB for Vista, 1GB for XP
* Hard Disk Space: 16GB Free
* Video Card: 256MB NVIDIA 7900 or 256MB ATI X1900

Recommended System Requirements
* Operating System: Windows Vista Service Pack 1 OR Windows XP Service Pack 3
* Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad 2.4GHz, AMD Phenom X3 2.1GHz
* Memory/RAM: 2.5GB for Vista, 2.5GB for XP
* Hard Disk Space: 18 GB Free
* Video Card: 512MB NVIDIA 8600 or 512MB ATI 3870
Q: Kok kamera gw muter2?
A: Pake krack keluaran FeD0r atau Razor 1911 *Update krack*
Spoiler for "Proper krack"
Q: Setting graphic gw kok ga bisa dinaekin (Texture, View Distance, dll)?
A: Pake cara commandline.txt
Spoiler for "Command Line"
Quote:Original Posted By Collosus
Mo sharing aja
copas dari forum sebelah..


caranya :
bikin filename "commandline.txt" di folder instalasi GTAnya

trus ketik command dibawah ini sesuai kebutuhan


-benchmark: Runs the benchmark tool and immediately exits game.
-help: Display list of all command line options


-renderquality: Set the render quality of the game. (0-4)
-shadowdensity: Set the shadow density of the game. (0-16)
-texturequality: Set the texture quality of the game. (0-2)
-viewdistance: Set the view distance of the game (0-99)
-detailquality: Set the detail quality of the game. (0-99)
-novblank: Disable wait for vblank (No Vsync)
-norestrictions: Do not limit graphics settings
-width: Set width of main render window (default is 800)
-height: Set height of main render window (default is 600)
-safemode: Run the graphics in the lowest setting possible
-frameLimit: Limit frame to interval of refresh rate
(ex If refreshrate is 60HZ –frameLimit 1 = Locks down to 60HZ)
-refreshrate: Set the refresh rate of main render window
– Warning - Monitor must support (ex. –refreshrate 60)
-fullscreen: Force fullscreen mode
-windowed: Force windowed mode
-availablevidmem: Set amount of physical Video Memory(ex. –availablevidmem 0.9)
-percentvidmem: Percentage of video memory to make available to GTA


-fullspecaudio: Force high-end CPU audio footprint
-minspecaudio: Force low-end CPU audio footprint


-noprecache: Disable precache of resources
-nomemrestrict: Disable memory restrictions
Q: Cara bikin commandline itu gimana?
A: Ikutin step-by-stepnya di spoiler

1. buka folder GTA IV
2. di dalam foldernya klik kanan, New-> Text document
3. Ntar keluar file baru, New Text Document.txt.
Ganti namanya jadi commandline.txt
4. Buka commandline.txt, terus isi sama parameter2nya (tanpa tulisan sesudah titik dua, itu hanya menjelaskan fungsi dari masing2 command aja), kalo ada yg membutuhkan nilai masukin aja asal sesuai rangenya.

Quote:-novblank -norestrictions -nomemrestrict -renderquality 4 -shadowdensity 16 -texturequality 2
mau cuman dikasih spasi mau dikasih baris baru sama aja.
Q: Settingan graphic gw kok balik ke default tiap kali maen?
A: Delete file settingannya dulu.
Spoiler for "Reset Setting"
Q: Kok gw dapet pesen Error Code melulu?
A: Baca penjelasannya di spoiler.
Spoiler for "Error Code"
Grand Theft Auto IV PC Error Codes:
RMN20 - Windows Vista: Need to have Service Pack 1 or higher to proceed.
RMN30 - Windows XP 64 / Server 2003: Need to have Service Pack 2 or higher to proceed.
RMN40 - Windows XP: Need to have Service Pack 3 or higher to proceed.
DD3D50 - D3D Error - DirectX 9 video card required
TEXP110 - D3D Error - Failed to create texture - Please restart the game
DWIN20 - D3D Error - Failed to query memory. Please re-start the game.
DD3D10 - D3D Error - Please re-boot your system
DD3D10 - D3D Error - Please re-boot your system
DD3D30 - D3D Error - Please re-boot your system
DWIN30 - D3D Error - Please re-boot your system
DD3D20 - D3D Error - Please re-install the game and/or re-install DirectX
DWIN10 - D3D Error - Please restart the game
DD3D60 - D3D Error - Shader Model 3.0 or higher is required
DD3D70 - D3D Error - Unable to retrieve D3D Device. Please re-boot your system
GPUP10 - D3D Error - Unable to retrieve D3D Device. Please re-boot your system
TEXP20 - D3D Error - Unable to retrieve D3D Device. Please re-boot your system
TEXP30 - D3D Error - Unable to retrieve D3D Device. Please re-boot your system
TEXP80 - D3D Error - Unable to retrieve D3D Device. Please re-boot your system
DD3D40 - D3D Error - Unable to retrieve device capabilities. Please install latest video card driver and/or re-install DirectX
TEXP10 - D3D Error - Unable to retrieve device capabilities. Please install latest video card driver and/or re-install DirectX
DD3D80 - D3D reset failed - Please restart the game.
STRB10 - Failed to delete file - Please re-boot your system
RMN10 - Failed to read file - Please re-boot your system
STRM10 - Failed to read file - Please re-boot your system
STRM20 - Failed to read file - Please re-boot your system
BNDL10 - Failed to write file – Please re-boot your system
STBF10 - Failed to write file – Please re-boot your system
VOIC10 - Fatal voice chat error - Please restart the game
RESC10 - Out of video memory - Please re-boot your system
BA10 - Out of virtual memory - Please re-boot your system
EA10 - Out of virtual memory - Please re-boot your system
TEXP60 - Unable to create color render target - Please re-install DirectX and/or install the latest video card driver.
TEXP70 - Unable to create depth render target - Please re-install DirectX and/or install the latest video card driver.
AE10 - Insufficient Memory to Start Game - Please close some applications and restart the game
PC10 - Unable to retrieve D3D Device - Please reboot your machine or reinstall your display driver
TF10 - Unable to write to disk - Please restart the game
WS20 - InitWinSock failed - Please re-boot your system and/or re-install the game
WS30 - InitWinSock failed - Please re-boot your system and/or re-install the game
Q: Gw dapet error code RMN40 terus...
A: Update ke SP3, atau pake cara ini.
Spoiler for "Edit SP2 jadi SP3"
Quote:Original Posted By Dr. Robotnik
repost dr postingan di depan2..

tnyata pake sp 2 juga bisa tp musti di edit registrinya, gak tau kalo ada ngaruh di performance gamenya, tp sejauh ini gue berhasil2 aja pake sp2.

hasil googling:
Step 1: Run Regedit by Clicking on Start -> Run , type in regedit and press enter
Step 2: Make a backup of your registry (just in case)
Step 3: Browse to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contr ol\Windows"
Step 4: Modify the value of "CSDVersion" from "0x00000200" (SP2) to the Windows XP SP3 value of "0x00000300"
Step 5: Close registry editor
Step 6: Reboot
Step 7: Start GTA and freakin enjoy it already!

nanti XP nya langsung kedetect jd sp3
Q: Dapet masalah2 lain?
A: Mungkin emang bug dari gamenya, tunggu aja patch dari Rockstarnya. *Patch udah keluar...kalo masih ada masalah tunggu patch berikutnya *
Spoiler for "Patch Details"
We are working on making a patch available in the next few days. Since Grand Theft Auto IV is a Games For Windows – Live game the patch must be certified by Microsoft before release. The patch is already at Microsoft and we expect a speedy approval. The patch contains a variety of fixes including:
• A fix to the crash after legal screen that some German customers were reporting.
• Numerous improvements to the video editor: Smarter naming of videos, improved rendering quality, better fx during replays
• Fix to bowling while using certain sensitive mice
• Fix for ATI 1900 shadows
• Overall savings to memory
• Graphic improvements to particle systems and mirrors
• Multiplayer character settings are preserved
• Support for DirectInput controllers. Note: The current hack way of supporting these controllers may not work with the improved functionality. So we recommend you remove the hack before upgrading to the patch.

Issues with power management software have also been fixed (slow speed, double speed issues). Even after the patch comes out setting power management software to maximum performance is recommended. We’ve seen cases where power management software does not detect the game is running and puts the CPU in green mode.

Besides the patch we’ve also improved the way the Social Club handles data this should have greatly reduced or eliminated the Mma10 error. If you are still receiving this error after logging in and out of Social Club we would like to know as much info as you can about it.

Posted by bro VMaster
Q: Ada cara buat naekin performa GTA IV?
A: ATI dan Nvidia udah release driver baru khusus buat GTA IV (Hasilnya bisa macem2 jadi kalo performanya ga naek jangan marah2 ).
Q: Joystick gw kok ga bisa dipake?
A: Pake XBOX360 Emulation *UPDATED - Masalah kamera setelah di patch Rockstar*

This extremely simple guide will teach you how to emulate an xbox360 controller, because IV supports only that. Now, you can use any controller you wish (unsure about wheel and pedals).

1) Download the following archive.
2) Unpack the xinput9_1_0.dll and the xbox360cemu.ini from the archive into your gta4 dir.
3) Edit the .ini according to your personal controller, or however you may please. The .ini is initially set up to work 100% correctly with Logitech RumblePad 2.

Note: in order to understand how to edit key mappings, read the included readme.txt.


Quote:Original Posted By monkii 
itu salah di patchnya si R*..

kalo yg pake usb gamepad, dan ngalamin masalah camera, coba2 deh cara ini (males ketik ulang)

Quote:Original Posted By Lastethica 
"Here is a solution to the axis being backwards on the right analog stick, I had the same problem in another game and found this solution and it worked fine. I didn't have to rename my controller just the axis was flipped so I only did part 2 but I'll post the whole thing for everyone.

Part one
In Windows, click start ->run then type regedit.exe and click ok

Open HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, open SYSTEM, open ControlSet001, then Control, media properties, private properties, joystick, OEM.

view each folder (should look like VID_0428&PID etc) until you find the controller you have. (should be USB GAME PAD) if its PS2
mine was "Twin USB Vibration Gamepad"
When you see you controller, double click where it says OEMName to the left of where its says the name of your controller, change it to "Logitech Rumblepad 2 USB".

The above will make the stick work...Below explains how to flip the axis

Part 2
Whilst still in the registry editor, expand the Axes folder and find folders 2 and 5, they represent axis Z and Rz respectively.
In folder 2 (the Z axis), find "Attributes 01 81 00 00 01 00 32 00" and change it to "Attributes 01 81 00 00 01 00 35 00"
And then in folder 5 (the Rz axis) find "Attributes 01 81 00 00 01 00 35 00" and change to "Attributes 01 81 00 00 01 00 32 00"
effectively you just swap existing numbers.
Then bingo!
Check the controllers in your control panel, then check them in game.
Might be worth mentioning this will probably effect how the controller behaves in other games, it doesn't cause me any so far.

g dah coba, skrg joystick PS2 g dah lancar lagi kayak sebelum dipatch. dah gak nengok langit lagi.

cuma pencetannya rada berubah msl yg tdnya kotak jadi segitiga dsb tapi cuma ketuker2 di empat tombol td aja, sisanya sami mawon (kyknya.. ), masih lom ketemu cara mappingnya.
Q: Kok di GTA ini gw ga bisa kaya San Andreas dulu?
A: Banyak fitur GTA SA yang diilangin di GTA IV
Spoiler for "Fitur2 yg ilang di GTA IV"
Fitur2 GTA San Andreas yang diilangin di GTA IV:Quote:
* Silencers on Pistols
* Stealth kills with melee weapons
* Stealth while hiding in shadows to avoid being seen
* Dual-wielding handguns/submachine guns
* Ammunation
* Ammunation Mini challenge or a "Gun Club" prominently advertised at the main IV site
* Flamethrower
* Rampage side-missions with certain weapons
* Purchasable Properties and Businesses
* Parachutes
* Free-fall control of character when falling off high buildings or helicopters
* Extensive Clothing Options
* Car Customization
* Car Color Choice
* Police on motorcyles/ police motorcycles
* Nitro
* Airplanes and Jets
* Jetpack
* Garage storage for cars
* Tanks
* Military
* Combat Helicopter that can shoot missiles
* Working Semi's W/ Trailers
* Farm Equipment
* ATV's
* Trucks with ramps to carry cars, ramps cannot be lowered to use as stunt jump ramps
* Driving Schools
* Multiple Races w Vehicle Rewards
* Marathons
* Bicycles
* Melee training system, kung-fu dojo, boxing arena, etc.
* Mountains & Country to have large chases or fun with vehicles
* Tatoos
* Haircuts
* Monster trucks
* Stadium for monster truck, demolition derby, or dirt bike racing
* Diving Underwater
* Paramedic side-missions
* Firefighter side-missions
* Truck side-missions
* Cheeta
* Cannot enter Police stations
* No gang territory battles
* Cannot conquer Liberty City
* Katana sword
* Machete
* Chainsaw
* Working Forklift
* Saving your pictures you take with camera on your actual cell phone
* BF Injection
* Hovercraft
* Tractor
* C4 explosive charges
* Brass knuckles
* Tear Gas
* Golf club melee
* Fire extinguisher
* Thermal Goggles for night-vision
* Cannot drive Trains
* Home Burglary
* Weapon and driving skills improvement
* No outward, unprovoked gang aggression outside standard missions
* Remote control toys
* Gambling on horse racing, blackjack, etc.
* Gym/customizing your character's body shape
* Cannot pick up vehicles with helicopter
* No particularly interesting cheats
* No ability to max out running skill or make yourself fire proof by doing side missions
* No noticeable change on the interiors of your apartments based on mementos or rewards achieved from in game missions
* Less arcade games

Fitur baru di GTA IV:
Quote:* Multiplayer
* Multiplayer custom clothing options
* High Definition Graphics
* Realistic vehicle, weapon and melee physics
* Vastly improved world detail overall
* Euphoria/RAGE Physics engine
* Television
* Internet
* Darts
* Getting Hammered as an activity with Friends
* Having friends without breasts that you actually hang out with
* Comedy Club/Cabaret shows
* The ability to pick and throw small objects
* A fully functioning cell phone
* The ability to drag along people who try to get into your vehicle
* A vastly improved adaptable cover system
* Helitours and Boat rides
* An improved game of pool
* A new arcade game
* New Radio Stations
* The ability to find out the name of artist and title of song with the ZIT! service feature on your cell phone
* Bowling
* Extensive, more realistic and long lasting Vehicle Damage
* Better scripts and AI used for basic pedestrians
* Impending Downloadable Content, the ability to add to and enhance on what has all ready been given
* A working sky trolley
* A noticeably more mature and well thought out level of writing, no seriously.
* "Moral Choices"
* Multiple Endings
* Varied scripts and dialog on drives to and from repeated missions and hanging out
* "Random" Pedestrian encounters
* Execution style cut scenes

Q: GTA IV gw jalannya kok lemot banget, gimana buat setting optimalnya?
A: Ikutin saran Rockstarnya...GTA IV adalah game buat "masa depan" :
Spoiler for "Graphical Performance Readme"
Here is an interesting README i found on R* website, looks like performance problems might be "intentional"


Most users using current PC hardware as of December 2008 are advised to use medium graphics settings. Higher settings are provided for future generations of PCs with higher specifications than are currently widely available.

Graphics settings are limited by system resources by default. 256MB video cards force minimum settings by default. If a user bypasses these safety measures using command line arguments and exceeds their system resources, the users gaming experience may be compromised.

Video Mode
Resolution scaling effects water, reflections, shadows, mirrors and the visible viewable distance. The resolution settings relate to the amount of available video memory. At 2560*1600 the game will require 320MB of video memory in addition to all the memory required for content. At 800*600 the game will require 32MB of video memory in addition to the content. Medium resolution settings are recommended for most users as higher settings are only usable if there is available video memory.

Texture Quality
Texture quality affects the visual quality of the content of the game. High setting for textures will require 600MB of video memory at a setting of 21 View Distance in addition to the memory taken by the Video Mode. A medium texture setting is recommended for most users.

Render Quality
Render quality is the texture filter quality used on most things in the world rendering. Most people would know this as anisotropic filtering. Medium settings are recommended for most users and will provide filtering beyond what the console versions can execute.

View Distance
View distance scales the distance in which different objects in the world such as building and cars are seen. Raising this option increases the distance in which high quality objects must be loaded and will increase the memory it requires. Restrictions are established to ensure the game runs optimally for most users. A setting of 22 or more will provide PC users an enhanced experience over the console versions.

Detail Distance
Detail distance scales aspects of the environment that the View Distance setting does not including vegetation, trash and other moveable objects. A setting of 10 would be the equivalent to the performance on a console.This setting has little effect on memory.

Vehicle Density
Vehicle density scales the traffic density of the traffic in the game. It has no effect on the mission vehicles or difficultly of the game, but can have a significant impact on CPU performance

Shadow Density
Shadow Density controls the number of shadows generated for positional lights in exterior environments. These shadows are exclusive to the PC version and can have a major impact on CPU and GPU performance.

With the latest ATI driver (8-11 series) the game supports crossfire modes (ie. 4870x2)
SLI is currently unsupported. Support will be added through a future game patch as well as an updated Nvidia driver.

NOTE: Background Processes
Certain background processes can have a detrimental effect on system performance when playing GTA IV, especially on systems with minimum required system memory. Users should ensure they disable their Virus scans when running the game to maximize performance.


Baca Juga Tutorial Lainnya !

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